Stop and look at the stars.


My father was always trying to get me to look at the stars with him, but as a child I found them just too big and scary. Now I understand. Sometimes you just need to stop and realise your own insignificance, that the world will continue to turn if you just stop and rest.

This quote picture really spoke to my heart. I’ve been very busy and burdened of late. I didn’t realise till I entered the end rest of my yoga class (something I’ve skipped the last two weeks) just how stressed I’d been. The world wide refugee situation etc. has been much on my mind. Then there’s my sweet personal “refugees” – my daughter and her 3 year old who’ve been staying with me since August, having finally decided Mexico was just too dangerous for their family. They’ve had more than their share of battles, sickness, finding a job/nursery, getting all the paper work organised and working on temper tantrums when daddy isn’t here to cope with it but instead translating for refugees in a bullet proof vest.

I was given the gift of empathy, to love, to care, which has been a great blessing both as a teacher and volunteer worker,but sometimes, if I don’t keep giving it up to Jesus, it can become overwhelming.

As I lay back and slipped into deep relaxation I pictured the clear starry heavens and peace encompassed my soul. God has this, I realised.

A Guiding Light.



(Sci-fi flash fiction)

It shone, a light in the darkness, the guiding star. All around blackness consumed them as their vessel spun in the endless spirals of the vortex. All eyes focused on the tiny glimmer of light as they reeled to and fro caught up in the stream of space flow.
Sheana grasped the manual control bar positioned around her seat like a massive gyroscope. It was up to her. She must stay focused, her entire being caught up in the struggle. The far off star marked their exit point, loose sight of it and they were lost.
All around hung silence deep as the grave prepared before them. Enemy ships had driven them to this desperate ploy, no escape, no option but to go down fighting. The commander, fought his inner battles. It had been his decision. Surrender meant enslavement, better to take their chances. It had never been done before; they were the first to try. Now all rested of the slender shoulders grappling with the controls. He sensed the stress in her frame; saw the beads of perspiration on her brow as they reeled at hyper speed toward the light.
Suddenly they were free, their eyes dazzled by a million stars. Cries of jubilation shattered the clinging silence. Sheana collapsed back in her seat tears streaming. Computer screens flashed back into action absorbing, analyzing the sky around them. Maps appeared seeking to chart the stars and planets in their vicinity. But where were they?
Andromeda was gone, as were all their former landmarks. They gazed in wonder at the surrounding hemisphere of unknown pinpoints of light. It had been theorized that the vortex led to another part of the galaxy, but this was totally unknown. They gazed awestruck as the stars began to move, converging around them. Then they realized, they were not stars at all but shimmering beings much like themselves.
“Welcome!” The voice beamed itself within the vessel. “Do not be afraid for I am with you”. It was the voice of the guiding star.