My own personal sunrise.


I opened my curtains early this morning to my own personal sunrise. Not through the window, as one would expect, but on the wall opposite. My grandfather’s old handmade matchstick church and the bonsai tree were surrounded by a brilliant, flaming glow of red and orange light, just as if the sun were rising behind them.

A large tree obstructs my view of the sunrise (at least till autumn comes) but the sun shining through a tiny gap had created the glorious vision above my book shelf.

How like life, while we cannot yet see the full beauty of the eternal realities they are sometimes reflected in mundane objects (like my wall) and for a moment we embrace their beauty, but are unable to effectively pass it on to others. My photographic skills couldn’t capture the colour, due to the dim light (with flash no colour/ without flash just black). I can only offer a meager description which cannot catch its glory. Even so some things in life can only be shared by those who have also glimpsed them.

31 day challenge day 10


List 15 of your favourite things.

  • Time alone with God.
  • Sunrise and sunset.
  • Family and close friends.
  • Italy and China.
  • Getting toasty warm after a long, cold trip.
  • Deep conversations.
  • A good book (or movie).
  • Chocolate (had to get it in somewhere!)
  • Being given flowers (my son is great at this, even knows my current favourites – no wonder he’s a ladies man lol!)
  • Good news from far away.
  • Snuggling up in bed after a long day.
  • Learning new stuff (I’m a perpetual student.)
  • Being in love. (Couldn’t leave that one out!)