When I stop and think about it…


I discovered yesterday that my beloved bicycle had been stolen. I’d forgotten to put it away in the garage and someone had sawn through the lock during the night.
When I made a report to the police they asked if I felt vulnerable and needed support. I replied not at all, I just felt mad. Thinking this over I realised I wasn’t really mad though. Thankfully God is good to me and I can buy another without denting my savings too much. It is an inconvenience, but not a big one, since I no longer need to cycle my grandson to school every day.
I figure something like this always carries its own punishment. If the person has a conscience it will nag on them causing guilt. If, as is often the case, their conscience has been hardened the punishment is in the kind of person they have become – how sad and lonely to become such a soul.
Bikes are usually taken to a “cash express” apparently in hopes of trading them in. If the employees follow procedure and check with the police before purchasing I could get my bike back and the culprit be apprehended, but if not it’s not the end of the world. There’s a bike shop around the corner and I can buy another (and be more careful this time around). Perhaps the person that stole it is more to be pitied than me after all.