What I do when I’m not writing.



If you read carefully you’ll know that my original major was fine art sculpture (top marks anyone that got that one LOL!)

While sculpture tends to be a little hard to accommodate I still like to paint and sketch from time to time. Trees and plants being by far my favourite subjects.

The pictures above and below are the first two of a series I’m working on (very slowly as I tend to write a lot more often) for my apartment.


The two sketches I did in China and happened to have on computer. I constantly gave my work away due to my travels and most of my friends in China have something from me as a remembrance.


I still enjoy painting for recreation and am always trying to capture the beauty and primeval force of nature. Though never quite achieving what I want to communicate I find it relaxing and satisfying.


I’m so happy today!



Today I woke up beaming sunshine! Why? (apart from this beautiful sunny day).

One of my younger daughters told me she’s chosen to become a mechanic and has already been accepted for the college and practical training. You may find this odd but it makes so much sense.

Like her I chose a man type major (sculpture rather than painting). Not only that but she was our family handyman since her brother moved on (and very good at it too).

But there’s another reason why it’s such a wise move, you see they have an autistic child which (though the Danish system is extremely supportive) can be immensely stressful.

What could be more therapeutic than working with machines were every problem has a reason and a solution. I saw it straight away. She is one smart girl!

The Bridge is Open!


morning lake and crys port 013

How wonderful to once more be able to take the scenic route with its resident psychiatrist (nature) to school every morning.  I return once more glowing with happiness from my bike trip rather than stressed and bothered. I appreciate it even more having had to go by road for three weeks. Once more I’m meeting folks out jogging or walking their dogs who smile a greeting and say good morning (they saw the therapist too) rather than the rushing throng juggling for position on road and pavement. Such a wonderful source of free mental medication!

(This is my favourite view I pass four times every day, early morning is the best though as captured here.)