So who am I anyway?


from August 2014 ( so actually I recently celebrated my 64th. birthday)

Song Bird Songs

With yet another birthday looming its shadow I feel a need for reassessment. I’ve noticed I generally hit the “about” section first when blog browsing, to give me a framework as to who I’m “talking to”, but my own is kind of nebulous, I like that but to supplement it here’s a tad more solid info.
Finding a photo other than my cat I’m tempted to choose one of those perfectly posed ones that make me look good, but is that generally how I look? No. I finally choose this “a la natural” because it’s closer to the real me.
It’s true (as per my about section) I don’t fit well in boxes (doing a personality test I found I fit in a less than 1% group – had some pretty awesome folks in it though!) but here are some basic facts.
I’m (very) soon to be 63, happily retired…

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What I do when I’m not writing.



If you read carefully you’ll know that my original major was fine art sculpture (top marks anyone that got that one LOL!)

While sculpture tends to be a little hard to accommodate I still like to paint and sketch from time to time. Trees and plants being by far my favourite subjects.

The pictures above and below are the first two of a series I’m working on (very slowly as I tend to write a lot more often) for my apartment.


The two sketches I did in China and happened to have on computer. I constantly gave my work away due to my travels and most of my friends in China have something from me as a remembrance.


I still enjoy painting for recreation and am always trying to capture the beauty and primeval force of nature. Though never quite achieving what I want to communicate I find it relaxing and satisfying.