A big fat lie!


Listen closely, you may hear a low growl coming from me as I browse supermarket shelves. Few things make me growl, but that does. Why? (This is where I lose most of my male readers. lol! Bye guys!)
It’s the big “low fat” lie that invades every shelf. Why does that anger me? Because of the greed and lack of love. Manufacturers know the truth, but are prepared to continue exploiting a lie in order to line their pockets, at the expense of the health of their clientele.
The whole “fat is bad” ideology, while shaky to begin with, was totally debunked some years ago. Read a recent book on nutrition, rather than another dietary fad book and you’ll find good fat extolled as a hero and almost all fat (saving those supposedly healthy vegetable cooking oils)a needed part of the diet. Fat does not make you fat or cause heart disease etc. It’s all a lie. Originally based on scientific findings, accidentally leading to a wrong conclusion, the low-fat ideology began in innocence. It was always a lie, but before they didn’t know it, now they do. which to my mind makes them accountable.
Also, manufacturers have to put all kinds of nasties in to cover the fact that foods don’t taste good minus fat (look at the ingredient lists if you don’t believe me.) So, not only are we being cheated of the natural fats we need but we are being overloaded with sugar and chemicals (the real baddies)to make up for it and it shows in national health and obesity levels.
Shopping has become a matter of trying to find the healthy whole fat version among a great proliferation of low-fat versions. Of course, these are just some of the cons going on at the supermarket health-wise, but there are many fantastic blogs that deal better with this. I should leave it to them. However, when I see an unhealthy looking, overweight mum with her trolley loaded with low-fat items, thinking she’s “being good”, I can hardly contain myself. I can never understand exploitation, it just doesn’t make sense to me, how could someone live with that?
OK, rant over lol! have a great day!


The truth is always simple.


I seem confused by so many issues nowadays, political, social, economic, etc. yet I know the truth, when one finds it, is always simple. It cannot be found in reason, debate or search, (though these are helpful). It just quietly comes with an infinate certainty when you least expect it, and there it is, in all its profoundity and childlike simplicity. It is that very simplicity resounding in your heart that you recognise as truth.

Truth is found in simplicity, never complexity.


I find it hard to explain that statement. I can only say I have found it to be true.
I was blessed with a sound brain that loved to learn, to find how things worked, to find solutions. I was also gifted with a large measure of creativity, both artistically speaking and being able to “think outside the box”. Add to this the blessing of parents high on the benevolence and integrity scale and it’s no wonder I was always a seeker of truth. I questioned everything, science, politics, religion, social interaction, morals, everything!
Yet I found in spite of intensive study “truths” never came by analyzing, they were never the product of my endless thinking, rather they were imbibed, suddenly, effortlessly, in all their intrinsic glory, recognizable in their simplicity as if I’d once known and rediscovered them – absolute.
I suspect a child may stumble across truth more easily than a learned professor, our minds may confirm, but they often get in the way of finding.

Ode to youth.


I use to be so arrogant, so wholly stuffed with pride,
When looking in the mirror my concept of me lied.
Others were beneath me, I only knew the way,
Little was I knowing the falls I’d take one day.
Decked in all illusions I briskly trod along
Not seeing all around me the places I’d gone wrong.
Until one day it happened, illusion stripped away,
With horror I acknowledged my inner self that day.
When stripped of all my vaunting, how shriveled up inside,
My inner soul was reeking with the awful stench of pride.
From then a humbler being, I walked within the realm,
My acid thoughts undoing, no more beneath prides spell.
A wiser, fuller creature I hope from that day on
To give to others glory and echo in their song.
A song of love, and heartfelt, admission of my ills
As love rose up within me, as understanding thrills.
I see now all my folly I wrought within those days,
I hope now I am wiser and walk within God’s ways.

Truth stands alone.


“Do God and the spiritual realm cease to exist because so many choose not to believe? Of course not! The truth is the truth. It’s not contingent on anyone believing it.”

I took years to understand this. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the freedom to believe as we wish leads us to think truth must conform to our understanding.A God we could figure out and understand would not be God, but a mere reflection of us, rather than we of Him.