Not only but also.


My four year old grandson is slowly discovering the world of dogs. Living in Mexico for his first three years he was very much afraid of them, but here in the UK where animal lovers abound he’s been learning that dogs are not naturally vicious. He’ll even dare to pet the big ones now (after checking with their owners).
I loved animals as a child and always had a special link with them, especially dogs and horses. It is a great wonder to me, these relationships, often closer and more loyal than human bonds, giving love and affection to some who might otherwise lack. Our special companions on this planet – they have much to teach us!

Truth stands alone.


“Do God and the spiritual realm cease to exist because so many choose not to believe? Of course not! The truth is the truth. It’s not contingent on anyone believing it.”

I took years to understand this. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the freedom to believe as we wish leads us to think truth must conform to our understanding.A God we could figure out and understand would not be God, but a mere reflection of us, rather than we of Him.

When Words Aren’t Enough.


flash fiction from 2014

Song Bird Songs

sad woman

Drowning in words she headed toward the cafeteria.
“Kate, I heard what happened, I…” Kate waved the comment away. She couldn’t handle any more. Changing course she stormed through the fire exit.

Fingers fumbling she lit a cigarette glaring defiantly at the office windows. They meant well but…
A chill wind stirred the leaves amid the vacant cars, a comforting emptiness surrounded her. Trapped in her brain words kept pounding, trying to get out, a surging tide they engulfed her entwined together by the statement “It’s malignant.”

“It’s not fair…” she muttered to the leaves. The tiny words, finding a crack, forced outward like water breaching a dam.
“It’s not fair! I don’t want to die!” she yelled, the wind scattering words like leaves about the plot. She glimpsed anxious faces pressed at the windows. Sinking to her knees she covered her face as shameful, angry tears enveloped her.


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If we looked deeper.



This was posted by one of my daughters who has an autistic child. Of all my “high flying” children I am most proud of her!

I know one of her greatest trails was the reaction of folks around thinking (or even saying) “Why doesn’t she shut that kid up!” not realizing he had a genuine problem (he looks like an angel – a normal angel!). She said sometimes she felt like hanging a sign around her neck saying “Give us a break he’s autistic”.

Now years later thanks to her love and sacrifice he has made tremendous progress he can talk, interact, love. Now the world is no longer the strange and upsetting place it once was to him. But how much pain could have been avoided had those around had more understanding.

God help us not to judge when we don’t have all the facts.