Walking on thin ice?


Watching the ducks waddling across the thin layer of ice I thought how like this coming year. So much of the world seems to be walking on very thin ice indeed. Last year brought impending change, Brexit, the US elections, the worsening Middle East situation etc. etc.. Even my normally stable, cozy little island (UK) stands on the brink of flux.

Then I got to thinking. If the ice did brake its no big deal for the ducks. They can swim and they have warm greased feathers. It might be momentarily scary, but no big problem. So I thought are we like ducks? Can we swim?

Then I remembered we know the one who could walk upon the water and my apprehension vanished.

There is Beauty — Sacred Touches


Originally posted on Rich Proctor Photography: ? There is beauty Despite foul political winds There is beauty Removed from others selfish ends There is beauty When things don’t go our way There is beauty Even on our darkest day There is beauty When it all seems lost There is beauty When we can’t count the…

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Good morning America.


It was hard to see how this one could work out to the good. From an outside standpoint both candidates were manifestly not people I’d want to see with any kind of power let alone the US presidency (it seems many Americans felt much the same).

I must admit to a slight sigh of relief that at least the Putin/Clinton sabre rattling is not going to go into effect (we are too close for comfort!) What lies ahead for the US is uncertain. Many seem to have linked the Trump triumph to Brexit, but while the thought that voters just might have scored over the powers that run things behind the scenes, the comparison for me ends there.

As a Brexit voter I had solid political and economic reasons for my vote, I fear many may have voted for Trump to escape Clinton (that woman is pure evil!) Of course I don’t have the same understanding of the issues as an American, but for sure the world is a little more shaky this morning, but it could have been even worse I guess.

I took comfort in one of my US friends Face book post. It said. “Whoever is president God is King!”

I’m Not American But…


us voting

I copied this from an American friend. Unfortunately I believe this statement to be true. I don’t know all the intricacies of the American electoral system but I question how can  there be real democracy when so much money is needed in campaign funds etc.? Politicians cannot afford to offend their donors. If elections can be held here (UK) without these corporate backers why not there?