It’s that time again!



It’s time for reunions, celebrations and chats. Time to catch up on a whole year (or more) of togetherness. A time of new beginnings, change and inspiration, a time to be there for each other.

Tomorrow my daughter and grand-kids fly in from China for their yearly visit and in 10 days my youngest will join me from Mexico for a few months while her hubbie sets things up for their move to Germany.

You’ll please excuse the next few weeks of chronic blog neglect! I wish you all a similarly wonderful time with those you love.




The ivory tower is empty now, no footsteps on the stair,

I listen out to hear them, but know they are not there.

No shouting to disturb me, no head to enter in,

My tower’s all my own again tranquillity within.

And yet I’ll hear their echo until they come again,

Those precious ones that love me, my own among the men.

With hearts so soft and open, young minds that seek and see,

A world so full of wonder, so empty, yet so free.

Life’s yet to take its toll on them while childhood rules the day,

Their greatest of decisions, of what to watch or play.

The comfort of a daughter whose love is rare and true

With whom to share heart’s secrets and who gives hers to you.

The dust it now has settled, the mess no longer frowns,

The table’s clear, the lights turned off, the shoe rack empty now.

Yet something now seems missing as I settle to my work,

I sigh in quiet contentment, but something’s bound to lurk.

I miss the noise, the bustle, (though I could not bear it long),

Each time they come to visit it lifts my heart in song.

And now I hear it echo as I settle down to write,

A smile dawns on my face ‘mist memories warm and bright.

Blog Forcast.


A warning of severe blog delays and disruptions for the next two weeks has been issued due to forecast family visitations (my daughter and grand-kids). This current of warm and loving air, arising in the Far East is due to hit London in the early hours of tomorrow.

Imminent precipitation of get-togethers, dinners and wine drinking, followed by long chats and deep conversations, preceded by heavy showers of love and affection are predicted.

A heavy fall of good times may temporarily prevent communications and blog updates.

(Wishing you all a similarly great time with your loved ones near or far.)

31 day challenge day 28



What are you looking forward to?

Moist eyes, big hugs, endless chatter and meet ups, deep conversations (and probably lots of food and alcohol).

You see next week my daughter and two grand kids will come from China for a visit (poor hubby has to stay and take care of their business). This means lots of family get togethers, long talks and catch ups and the pleasure of enjoying her company again. (Since my grandson here is off for half term and they get along we’re hoping they mostly entertain each other – the youngest is nine)

We’ve always been a close and loving family but the commitments of work, family and in some cases location tend to make our get togethers less frequent, (but all the more precious). The son in laws tend to heave a sigh after a while  and disappear to play feifa or smoke cigars while our “clan” chatter on and they are neglected. My son seems the only one able to handle all the “girl talk” (but then growing up with 6 sisters he developed immunity long ago lol!)