How do you see yourself?


Lion or pussycat how do I see myself? Being a Leo this question has always been particularly pertinent to me. Mostly I’m the pussycat but I know there is also a secret lion prowling within should it be needed. My claws are politely sheathed to avoid accidental scratching but I have them as my kids will attest lol!

Listening to an old Mark Batterson audio (Chase the Lion – if you’e a Christian and haven’t read the book I highly recommend it!) the question reappeared.

His point: It all depends on how big you view God. If you view God as bigger than your problems, difficulties, sickness etc. then you become as the lion, strong, brave, etc. If you view Him as smaller, ineffective, irrelevant etc. then you become like a Christian pussycat, affectionate, attractive but with little real power, largely ineffective.

This question is also pertinent to the whole thing happening with Brexit here in the UK. Many folks I talk to are looking in the national mirror and discovering to their surprise that, contrary to what they’ve been fed for years, we are not really a pussycat at all, but a lion. It has come as a great surprise to many (although the very young seem much affected by the big media campaign aimed to get their vote, but even some of them are now waking up – “You mean we used to do all that before the EU?” lol!)

So lion or pussycat, which should we be? For myself I prefer to be the pussycat and walk softly around others, but it’s also important to know we have the lion within should need arise. I know I’m very small and weak but I have an awfully big God!



strength god

This one really resonates with me as “strong” tends to be an adjective that’s often been ascribed to me throughout my life. Only those very close to me are aware of my inherent weakness (though it shows more and more as I get older.) Rather I’ve found courage because there was no other option. In doing so I learnt how to lean heavily.

Great faith in a weak structure will collapse but weak faith in a strong structure will stand.