Life’s tragic tale.



How very applicable to life!

We all start with the same kind of potential. Do we let the harsh sun of reality dry up our souls till we become like raisins, old and withered, or, do we allow ourselves, (though downtrodden by dominant feet) to take in life sustaining moisture, endure a long fermentation process, in which our very nature slowly changes (often in the dark) to become a heart warming, joy giving, substance welcome at any gathering?

The choice is ours!

Meeting with an old friend.



How delightful is the wine of friendship shared once more, full and sweet upon the tongue. It has not bittered, its fermentation only adding to the strength and flavour. I tasted its purity long ago when it was first cast, a new vintage fresh upon the palette. Its long years matured in English oak, the winds and rains, the sunny smiles of Ireland have mellowed the flavour yet it still remains unique, priceless, a draft to be savored.