A Man in the Making.



Two big puppy dog eyes, too innocent for a nine year old, shine out above an over sized smile, topping arms and legs like a gangling colt. He seems all eyes and smile balanced precariously on winnowy stilts, never still for a moment. He’s growing up now, character forming, his questions get deeper as he gets longer.
I asked him why he pays such exaggerated compliments to the middle aged crossing lady, saying she looks more beautiful every day etc. He pondered seriously for a moment then said he likes to make people happy, it made him feel good.
The lolly-pop lady is not the only one, every day he leaves a trail of smiles behind as we wend our way to school and back, every dog must be complimented, every baby admired, every child waved to. He sees the whole world as friends or potential friends. He sees things as they should be not as they are. Like a tiny Don Quixote he somehow seems to ignore school bullies and bossy teachers. The existence of evil phrases him only till his lively mind skips to another subject.
He’s growing up I remind myself, the open smile will one day be tempered, the worlds weighed against peer pressure as his body fills out into man hood. What will he be like I wonder? He will loose his childish innocence, but will something be retained? I think of my own son, now grown. Yes, it is possible, in the boy lie the seed of a man, if carefully tended they can grow strong while keeping a tender heart.


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