Life Water.



Listen to the song of the waters. Did you know waters sing? Think of the song of the ocean, rippling streams, the soft flow of the river, even the rhythmic drip of a leaky tap. Water sings in its yieldedness, rejoices in its path. It knows no fear, cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Ancient of ancients, here since the beginning, sometimes frozen and still, biding its time; sometimes evaporated journeying through the air. This transformation is difficult but the journey shows far vistas that would have remained unseen had it not risen.
Like life water takes all shapes and sizes. It is the situations through which it passes that change, that over time are transformed by its presence. Things around are stagnant, unmovable (save by its passage) but it flows freely into any mold or shape, seeking the lowliest ground for there it shall progress the faster.


3 thoughts on “Life Water.

  1. Nice to meet you, Claire! 🙂 Say, is that pic for real?
    It’s like an open door to the deep blue sea. Scary cool!

    “The highest good is like water ~ it goes
    to the lowliest places that others despise,
    and it has no competition.” Lao Tzu

    • I downloaded it from a friend’s face book post.I’m not sure of it’s authenticity but thought it was an incredible picture.
      Do you also like Chinese poets/thinkers? I spent 4 years in China so am totally hooked (very good quote.)

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