Dream Master (no. 3)


The darkness was soft around her like a comforting blanket, warm and snug, endued with a faint glow. Embedded in the walls, if such they could be called since they had no substance, glimmered pinpoints of light, momentarily flickering. She reached out her hand, as in slow motion, clasping substance in the mist. A jewel glistened within her hand, glowing in the darkness. She reached out eagerly to get more wondering at the rainbow forms glistening on her palm.
She was aware of a being beside her his face picked out in silver light. The dream master was here.
“I’m sorry you had to come alone,” he whispered, his voice an echo of the stillness. “This lesson cannot be taught another way. I wanted you to overcome your fear of the darkness, those black times when clouds of doom and destruction overcome your life.”
Reaching up he plucked a delicate jewel from the dusky clouds. Spinning silver with his fingers he wove a chain upon it placing it about her neck. The cool blue sapphire shone in the darkness.
“Remember,” he said jewels are found in the darkness, look for them!”
Her mind awoke with a feeling of peace, her body weak and trembling, remained in its hospital bed. Visions of the accident dashed through her brain, attacking the peace, with their glaring blacks and oranges. Her battered body ached with pain. Then her eyes rested on a small package on the bedside table. The nurse caught her glance.
“Your husband brought it in,” she said. “It was to be your birthday gift. You were sleeping, he didn’t want to wake you. I can open it for you if you want?” She nodded. Carefully tearing off the wrappings the nurse revealed a small jewelry box. Her heart pounded. It couldn’t be!
The box opened and there inside was a sapphire pendant.


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